Friday, 8 November 2013

Our new garden in South East London

Welcome to my London Garden Gardening Blog. As you can see from the attached photos we inherited a messy and overgrown garden.  It is my intention to chart the progress of the transformation of the garden from a suburban mess to a place that looks cared for.

The garden is located in Sydenham,  South East London, with views towards the famous BBC television tower at Crystal Palace.

The garden is west facing so the sun potentially shines over it for most of the day from late morning to evening. I say, potentially, as the sun is restricted due to neighbouring trees.

I am not an experienced gardener and, therefore, would welcome any suggestions or tips on improving the garden. I had previously lived in a raised ground floor flat in SW London so it is really exciting to have a 70 foot garden to play with.

The garden had benefited from a previous owner's love and care and there are quite a few plants planted but had fallen into a period of disrepair in more recent times. It is my intention to plant a herb garden, create a path along the grass towards the shed, relocate some of the plants and cut back some of the bushes and plants to give a more airy feel.

The photos were taken in September, 2013 on the day we moved into the property.  This gardening blog will chart the progress of the garden as work is carried out to improve the appearance and layout of the outdoor space.

This was what we inherited after moving in.

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