Saturday, 9 November 2013

Our garden receives some treatment

These photos capture the scene after the gardening labourers paid a visit. Three hard working souls, originally from Latvia, tackled the garden with their tools and rolled up sleeves and I was very pleased with the results. 

The whole garden has been levelled off with some tlc. The grass has also been cut and lawn seed placed down so now I await the outcome of the seeding. It also means I can go ahead with planting bulbs in readiness for the spring.

The bbq area (below) now looks worthy of being a culinary area and Buddha looks happier too.

The herb area (below) has had some care and the out-sized bush has been trimmed back leaving it to look a bit more more lively. It helped that the garden was benefiting from glorious Autumn sunshine when I took the picture.

(Below) The rosehip and the rose bush has been removed as they were blocking out too much light.This was important as there is now more light around the seating area.

The garden now has a more spacious feel (below) compared to when we first moved in and we can now see the garden shed more clearly as we look down the garden..Patience is required for the grass to grow in the treated areas.

The patch at the foot of the garden (below) under the tree had been a place where stuff was dumped and where the local cats came to deposit their waste. It has now been levelled off, rubbish cleared, and lawn seed planted.

The job now will be to add some colour.

The hydrangea (below) has been replanted in the back garden.

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