Monday, 27 January 2014

A belated word - Christmas 2013

There is more than one Grounded Gardener in our household. To follow, my wife, Mrs Grounded Gardener, recounts her recent travails in our garden and her growing passion for gardening and ‘getting in touch with the earth quality’.

A belated word - Christmas 2013

Well, it may now be almost February but just last month, we celebrated having our first ever Christmas wreath up on our front door for our first Christmas in our new home. Alas, not a homemade contribution but a beautiful wreath purchased from a family-run business in north Devon. I chose this style for it’s simplicity and abundant use of preserved oranges which add beautiful colour, and the pine cones and star anise which smelt divine. I was so pleased how the colours worked with the red pop of our door. This gorgeous wreath provided a warm festive welcome to all our friends and family who visited and kept it’s Christmas scent throughout the festive period. And do you know my surprise, it wasn’t ‘liberated’ from it’s proud position by any light fingered opportunists! How refreshing. We do live in London you know J Now safely wrapped up and stored away, we’re looking forward to using it again next Christmas.

Mrs Grounded Gardener

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