Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Planting Prayers

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We were kindly given 2 plants at Christmas, carefully chosen by our good friends Janet and Fiona (a Spimmia and a red Azalea). We’ve had them under wraps in the conservatory, carefully watering and tending to them as they patiently wait their turn. Today was the day and out they went to the front garden for careful planting around where I think I remember planting some bulbs. Let’s see what happens there! I took time to tease out the roots and dug them into deep planting holes.  I hope they take root soon and don’t suffer from any extreme weather that’s still to hit the UK. I am offering up suitable pleas to the gardening god that they soon take hold and thrive in their new homes.


Red Azalea

Come on little Azalea in the shadow of our delicate Fuschia plant, grow grow!

Mrs Grounded Gardener


  1. Hello, the things that we have in common are that we both have small backyard gardens. We both love getting out on a nice day and digging in the dirt, and we both have a love for just being in the garden. To me putting weeds is a stress reliever and listening to the birds is music to my ears. On the other-hand, we live about as far apart in this world as we can. I live in the deserts of Washington State, USA (most people do not even know that we have a desert in Washington, but we surely do :). I am delighted to have found your blog and it will be very interesting watching your garden bloom and grow. I am your newest follower and blogging sister # 10. Please come visit . . . I love making new friends. Besides gardening and being in my backyard, I love quilting, arts, music, camping and life in general.
    I'm happy to meet you,
    Connie :)

  2. Azaleas are really hardy -- nothing seems to bother them. So, I am pretty sure they will grow and thrive but they are slow grower though :-). Sending all the good wishes to you so that your plants thrive. That scimmia looks so pretty :-).